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The Reach of Social Media – Communication Evolved!

Here is an excellent video illustrating the transformation of communication that Social Media has brought us. Its power to reach billions instantly is only one of the advantages. If your business does not learn to leverage it, your competitors will use social media marketing against you.  Check out the video by Socialnomics…

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Social Media Marketing: Tip of the Day

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“Upgrade HootSuite account and install the “Hootlet” for Google Chrome Web Browser”
There are literally dozens of tools out there right now that say you can manage social media marketing campaigns (and get good analytics) but for everyday people and small businesses I say use HootSuite.  Unfortunately though, my Android […]

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Does Social Media Marketing / Optimization Work? Yes, Here is More Proof.

The first thing other interactive agencies may cite now in terms of social media marketing proof is the Old Spice Guy viral campaign but here is a great chart I ran across while reading this article on Mashable called 4 Winning Strategies for Social Media Optimization and a report called Social: The Next Search from […]

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